Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Story with Mustang Water SUD - Paloma Creek / Aubrey

Since moving into residence at Paloma Creek/Aubrey in 2006, there has been only ONE choice for Water, Sewage, and Trash services - Mustang Water SUD. Their fee structure and billing policies are unlike any utility we've dealt with. It's outrageous that this area has NO OTHER choices for service. Electric service is the same way. BEWARE BEFORE YOU BUY A HOME IN PALOMA CREEK, SAVANNAH or PROVIDENCE COMMINUTIES - we would not have bought here if we'd better known the issues with utilities.

Typically our bill arrives in the middle of the month prior to the due date on the 14th-16th generally. The due date is on the 1st. Up to this point, the policy is acceptable and understandable - we do our best to have payment in before or by the first each month.

1st Late Fee
If payment is not made payment by two days after the due date, a $10 fee is charged. I understand late fee, but think more than two days should be allowed before charging a fee for paying late. SOLUTION: if someone hasn't paid within 7 days of the due date, charge the $10 late fee.

2nd Late Fee and Reconnect Fee
If payment is not made by ten days after the due date (Here's where the policies and fees get abusive and they take advantage customers) - a $60 FEE IS CHARGED!! Also, they will disconnect your service that same day and charge a $50 fee to reconnect it!

Again, I understand the idea of charging another late fee, but there should be more than 10 days allowed before charging ANOTHER FEE and the fee should not be SIX TIMES the amount of the first late fee! Then, they disconnect and charge a $50 fee. $110 dollars and it's not even been 30 days since you rec'd your bill! SOLUTION: if someone hasn't paid within 14 days of the due date, charge another fee of $20 - twice the amount of the first fee. Then, notify them that service will be disconnect if payment isn't recieved by the due date of the next bill.

Government regulation and involvment with utilities has been prevalent in large communities for years - how has Mustang SUD gotten away with this for so long?

SPEAK UP and let government know what is happening:


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Non-Disclosure Fee

19. Non-Disclosure Fee.
A fee of $2.00 shall be assessed any customer requesting in writing that personal
information under the terms of this Rate Order not be disclosed to the public.

Meter Test Fee

16. Meter Test Fee.
The District shall test a customer's meter upon written request of the customer and a
Meter Test Fee of $35.00 shall be imposed on the affected account.

Customer History Report Fee

15. Customer History Report Fee.
A fee of $5.00 shall be charged to provide a copy of the customer's record of past water
purchases in response to a customer's request for such a record.

Service Trip Fee

13. Service Trip Fee.
The District shall charge a Service Trip Fee of $25.00 for any service call or trip to a
customer's tap as a result of a request by the customer or tenant, unless the service call
concerns damage to District or customer equipment or facilities, or for the purpose of
disconnecting or collecting payment for services.

Non-Payment Fee

12. Nonpayment Fee.
In addition to any applicable late payment fees, a Nonpayment Fee in the amount of
$60.00 will be applied to the customer's account if payment is not received by 5:00 p.m. on the
delinquent notice due date.

Late Payment Fee

9. Late Payment Fee.
A charge of $10.00 or 10.0%, whichever is greater, shall be applied to past due balances,
if any, on each customer's monthly statement.